This is how it works

What used to happen..

The old story

Most businesses appoint their most technically-minded or marketing-aware employee manage their website. After a lengthy process of design sign-offs, spotting bugs and listening to complicated instructions how to manage their new website.. they are left to hold the baby and the technical stuff like security, code updates and integrations never gets looked at. Months turn into years and someone in the company suddenly suggests ‘we need a new website!’. Sigh..

Web agencies spend a lot of time waiting for clients’ content. Eventually it turns up attached randomly on nested email threads. They build the thing. Next, they spend a load of time teaching the client how to manage the new website – which is instantly forgotten or ignored. For the agency.. this approach is inefficient and leads to agencies overcharging to compensate for time wasted waiting and teaching.

Self-managed solutions like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are great in eliminating some of the humans from this equation, but they still leave you messing with templates and dodgy formatting because of their DIY model. As lovely as it is, not everyone wants to do their own web development!

How we do it..

The new story

  • Tell us your targets
  • Send us your content
  • Have your site built with your content and your targets in 5 days or less
  • Your new website launches and any changes, we take a day or 2

What to do next..

Sign-up to our £300 or £600 monthly plan now and get a £100 giftcard to spend at this Christmas.